Level 1 Reiki and the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki

Shoden (Japanese) The Beginner Teachings

This course is particularly suitable for animal lovers, no experience necessary, just a love of animals and an open heart.

The Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki was created by Kathleen Prasad and approaches all animals as spiritual healers and teachers, emphasising the virtues of humility, integrity, compassion and gratitude in its practitioners.  This unique method also uses an approach that gives animals the same consideration in comfort and preferences during Reiki sessions as human beings.

Level 1 Reiki, or Shoden in Japanese, teaches the practice of self-healing and self discovery and introduces techniques to help yourself, your animals, your friends and family with this wonderful natural healing therapy.

This 2-day class will include :

  • The foundational teachings of the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki
  • The traditional Japanese meaning of Reiki and how it relates to the healing of self and others
  • The traditional practice of Joshin Kokyu Ho and Seishin toitsu and how to use them with animals
  • The Reiki Precepts and meditations for working with them with animals
  • Hands-on Reiki self-treatment, and how to incorporate animals into these sessions
  • Best ethics for sharing Reiki with animals
  • Reiki chair treatments for an animal’s human family
  • Techniques for grounding, expansion and connection to help you become an animal magnet to even the most sensitive animals!
  • A philosophy of “being” Reiki “with” your animals, rather than “doing” Reiki “to” them
  • The 4 Shoden attunements
  • A life-changing day/weekend with direct experience in the presence of animal teachers
  • An extensive and in-depth professional manual to guide your journey
  • A beautiful certificate to show your professional training
  • An invitation to join SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) as a Practitioner member
  • BONUS CONTENT: Specific education on how to safely practice Reiki with dogs, whether your own, someone else’s, or at a shelter.  Important body language communication to enable optimal relaxation of the dogs you are with.
  • Homework & follow up designed to help you achieve a routine practice

Course cost: £180  *10% from each class purchased will be donated directly to help animals in shelter 

  • Dates:  
  • Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th February FULLY BOOKED
  • Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th March FULLY BOOKED
  • Monday 30th & Tuesday 31st March TBC