About me

Ali with dogI came to know Reiki because my senior dog responded well to it! We had reached a point where standard vet medication had come to an end for Kenny, our 13 year old rescue boxer dog, and so I looked around for different treatments to help him with almost daily vomiting, and other issues. We hired a lovely local Reiki lady to come out and firstly, Kenny showed that he absolutely loved it with beautiful relaxation and super deep breathing. And then there was a measurable difference in the frequency of the vomiting. Almost immediately we were looking at fortnightly, which was incredible and such a relief to him (and us).

I booked onto the first course I could and began my Reiki education (with The Reiki Academy) and now feel I have one foot in the mainstream world and my other foot is happily stepping further and further into the spiritual world.

“Ali introduced me to Reiki and her intuitive and enthusiastic approach to both people and animals is inspiring. Connecting to the universal energy has become my favourite meditation practice. I feel I now have a superpower. So awesome, I feel grateful and my cats enjoy it too!” Edda, Chiswick

Reiki has quickly rooted itself as one of the most important elements in my life and I credit it with helping me recover from my years-long illness. I like being happy and I love helping other people to be happier too. When I was younger I didn’t know that it was okay to have this as a life’s objective. I think it’s okay now.