Thank you for visiting my website! I wonder if you already know a bit about Reiki and its benefits? Or maybe a friend has had a session or two and told you of certain results?

Reiki is a complimentary therapy used for all sorts of different problems be they physical, mental or emotional. It is known to reduce symptoms of illness, and anxiety, and can significantly increase the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Ali performing reiki

“I had a pain across my shoulders that just wouldn’t go. I wasn’t sleeping and it was getting me down. I had Osteopathy and Chiropractor and they helped but it just stayed. I went to one session with Ali and it was totally gone the next day. I also felt lighter and happier. I have never had Reiki before so this was quite amazing. Ali is incredibly kind, intuitive and gifted. I would definitely recommend this, even if you are sceptical.” Jolanta, West London